Tanuki Sunset v1.5 Patch Notes

Hey gang!

It has been a while since the last update, but this time we're excited to show you the latest build! We think you're gonna like it, we added a bunch of fun mechanics and things to do. There's also a bunch of small improvements to the UX. For example,  after finishing a run you can see what your current rank is on the leader-board ! Let's get on with the changes:

  • Added a new gameplay mechanic: Phone Calls! During your run you have a chance of encountering a ringing cell-phone. If you pick it up, a new objective will be displayed on the upper-right side of the screen. Complete the challenge to add additional bonus points to your score!
  • Added a new gameplay mechanic: the Speed Stance! If you hold the left-stick forward, Tanuki will now change his stance to Speed Stance! While you hold the button, you can build up speed and momentum. It's great before launching off ramps and do some cool trick in mid-air! Which tricks? well... 
  • We added new tricks: 180-Air and 360-Air! After being launched in the air through a ramp, if you hold left or right you'll spin in mid-air. If you manage to turn 180-degrees and land safely, you'll score a 180-Air! If you feel confident enough to turn all 360-degrees you'll instead get awarded with landing a 360-Air Trick! Just don't push your luck! Landing at a weird angle, or bouncing-off from a harsh landing could cost you your run!
  • We added a bunch of new road-segments to the road-generation algorithm. We want runs to keep feeling fresh, so we added fresh chunks of pavement prefabs.
  • You can see what your high-score rank is on the global leader-board after you finish a run. You're closer to the top than you think!
  • We re-coded the entire score system to handle several trick entries in a short period of time. Preventing point loss from occurring and overall improving and smoothing out the player experience.
  • We added description text to clarify the difference between Radio Mode and Original Mode. It's really only the music selection and variety that changes! (We're working hard creating a more robust selection of tracks in the future. Stay tuned!)
  • We added a scary surprise! Happy Halloween!

Bug Fixes:

  • 'Tight Squeeze' tricks difficulty has been made more accessible.
  • Made Kit rescue signs more visible and in-line with the art style.
  • Kit now cries to Tanuki as he approaches to the rescue. Poor Kit!
  • 'Near Miss' tricks don't account for the road itself preventing false-positive situations.
  • Added correct button and key prompts to the Pause Menu for the Photo Mode feature.

Thank you all so much for playing our game. We've had an amazing time watching your let's play videos and your reviews. Your feedback has been invaluable for us to keep improving the game. Keep tuned to hear more about future updates! There's more  cool stuff ahead! As usual, don't hesitate to contact us through here or on our official Twitter: (https://twitter.com/SquidSquadDev). Happy skating!


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Oct 28, 2019
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Oct 28, 2019

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I'm interested in playtesting the latest version, how do I access please?

Hey Squid Squad Games team, it's Alex with DigiPla, the browser-based gaming service. I'm interested in a partnership to bring your game to our platform. Here's a link to our Discord where we can chat further:



Great Game!