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Whenever i open the game it thinks im on xbox when im on pc.. I need some halp


BEST FREE BROWSER GAME ON ITCH.IO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey I got stuck on the edge while drifting


Congratulations, Your game made it into our top 5 list, be sure to check it out


This Feels Like I Should Be Playing Giornos Theme

This is such a great game, i really enjoy playing it!


I think that when the score at the bottom goes blue it should fly up to the top left. NICE GAME!!! SO GOOD!!! RACOON


I see TANUKI is not eaqual to RACOON

I want to get your game!


Great idea! keep going and never give up. Some day you will be from the best game developers in the world. Have a great time on making video games.

Anyone beat this?

yeh i pretty shore thats from the internet lol 

I love this game! It great!

I'm playing with a DS3!

I love this game, is there anywhere I could find the soundtrack?

The Bossa Novas: Fresh Rhythms

SMTK Music: Dub Hip Hop

The Krenhkrov Brothers: Electro Swing

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thanks a bunch

Love the aesthetics and gameplay! Definitely will have to check out more of your work.

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Best drift everyone?  Mine is 956.

1060 =)


I fucking hate this game, you should be ashamed of this disgusting monstrosity you decided to give to the world. I have never been more upset and triggered. I was having fun until I saw the tanuki fly into the sun and he clearly died. I basically just witnessed animal abuse. 


What are you even talking about?


you're the kind of people who would try to take down pokemon for the reason of animal abuse. Like who THE FUCK cares. It's cute, and people like it. Plus games are no where close to real life animal abuse. How are you going to compare video game to real life. If so, then basically all first person shooter games promote Murder??? STFU retard. Just don't play the game if you hate it. Stop complaining.


Pheonse is sounding like a Karen :o


Omg. Are Karens real?

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guys im pretty sure its a joke


lol, it could be, but the way they spoke doesn't sound like it


no it most definitely is a joke

Hey you never can be so sure, I've had experiences like this before


who liked this comment lmao


This game is good as hell! Plays very smoothly, awesome graphics and music, and it's rather competitive despite it's easy to start playing. I'm really waiting for full release

It's so good I don't even know what they could add.


See ya at the top i'll be waiting




old secreenshot sorry XD


*applause that slowly increases in enthusiasm until I am giving you a one man standing ovation*

thank you

*is unable to even clap due to awe*

Ur still better, but I got pretty close...


Awesome job!! Loved the demo of this game and am really excited for the full release! Not to mention the music was stellar.


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thank you Tanuki Sunset

Beat That

no you beat this

no u

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no u

No u

Just checked out the update, and I was trying to get my Xbox 360 controller to pick up so I was seeing if it could pick up in the controls, and after messing with it I screwed up some of the controls (like moving right) and there's no "reset controls to default" button as far as I can tell.

lol I got a score of 666

Man don't I suck I got like close too 2,000 MAX!

Dude the hole game changed :O

Deleted 21 days ago


High score of 6,607! Good game man

can you use an xbox 360 controller or just xbox 1?

You can use 360 controller.


finally my kind of game

Yo this game is AESTHETIC AF. Fantastic controls and look! 

Got a hi-score of 4,288! Really fun :D

Koubzscouts Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Amazing game. Perfect if you just want to play a game without thinking too much...just a racoon on a skateboard. Fantastic music, nice art, cool customization... 10/10

I bet this guy is actually Jay, idk, somehow got the feeling that this guy is actually him lol

Who is Jay?

Hi, nice game, I have one question; Do I have to pay to play new levels and arcade? thanks

It will be unlocked when the game is released.

I see instructions for a what seems to be Xbox remote yet i try to find tanuki on the Microsoft (in Xbox)store and i cant find it, is that because its not officially out yet or something else? Any ways love the game and can't wait for its full release, keep up the good work!

it doesnt need to be in the microsoft store for xbox remote to work?

Well when you are trying to download it onto your xbox you cant find it 

That's cause this is a pc download dude. Infact, all of is pc games lol

wow este juego es increible lo empece a jugar hoy y me encanto no puedo esperar que salga la version completa me encantaria que añadieran mas items en la tienda y que pusieran una version en español tambien me gustaria ver mas trucos y la calle que hay en el tutorial tiene mejor aspecto que la de los niveles


WOW,simplemente wow, me trajo aqui un youtuber llamado joseju y al principio pense que no era la gran cosa pero al jugarlo me senti tan fresco...puedes jugar en la posicion que quieras sin la nesecidad de concentracion total, graficos hermosos y la banda sonora es algo increible.

sigan asi ya quiero que salga el juego completo en steam, ustedes pueden! 

mi puntacion es poca creo xd : 7,006 


Cool game! My brother and I really enjoyed the style and the goofy raccoon. We couldn't get to far in the levels, but we only played for a handful of minutes. Music is super chill! 

"I liked how the raccoon falls off the skateboad..." - Kai (My brother) 

looks cool!

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