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Why is being a raccoon on a skateboard so fun?

Not sure, but if you want, you could check out my video on this game. It's 3 posts below your post.

Absolutely incredible, I love it

You should check out my video below this post of yours.

I played this & kind of liked it.

I got stuck on the edge!   

:( I suck at games and I was so happy when I got a new tape but it doesn't save. I LOVED THAT COLOR SCHEME

love this game played it with my switch joy con

like the vaporwave aesthetic

uh how are you supposed to do sharp turns like what the fuck


Hold space.

please eat more KFC I beg of you I have children at home to force feed KFC to please.


ok boomers what your best  scroe


What is yalls high scores!? BE HONEST PLEASE!!!!

Mine is 99,372 :)


I have another poorly constructed suggestion! What about a seperate mode which generates the road in a much more exaggerated way, similarly to the amplified worlds in Minecraft. so the drops would be steep and noticeable, and more drift-required turns, that sort of thing,

i love this game

This is very fun

(1 edit)

i LOVE this game so much! i hope that you can get more music in the game, like a radio! thank you so much!

quick edit: my friend got the the electro swing stage, how do i get to that? is it a high score thing?

You switch moods by collecting the tapes :)

ahhh, got it. thank you!

Love it! however i did find that as drifting is so uncontrollable it is better to simply turn, which feels a lot less great. The atmosphere is amazing. Keep it up!

just tap the drift dont hold


Though I had trouble at first once I got the hang of it was enjoyable.

Cool game! I added some footage from it in my latest list video. The drifting is a little tricky and there are a lot of games on here like this, but the music and visuals really pop. Good job!

Love this game a lot and is so fun. Would love to stream this on twitch and was wondering if you would consider making an entry on giant bomb?


share high score mine is 19,568


Holy shit the music is amazing. Very good game

me bro gamer


Hello! I would really like to play this game but the visuals won't show up on my screen. I can hear the game and see the score but everything else is just a blank grey screen. I would appreciate it if you could help?

Really fun game! It's very addictive and has a nice and unique style to it. This should be on Steam.


anyone ever just not press the retry button to endlessly watch the raccoon fall into the void?


Fun game! Very nice graphics, very good feel of movement. The music is great. Leaves you wanting more. Have to continue playing to get a big score lol


really fun game, love the atmosphere.


A fun game, and it has a raccoon on a skateboard!!!

Loved the 80's vibe.


Amazing game: the flow and atmosphere of the game really blend well together. Great job!


Really fuuunnnn!!!!!


TRASH PANDA ON A SKATEBOARD. And that is all I have to say about it. It's amazing and I love the retro vaporwave feel, very chill!

Thank you for playing SuperSeizer! You've got LOTS of energy! Thanks for the video as well! :D


Cool game! I like how simple and fun it was learning how to play it


This game is absolutely incredible! The quirkiness of the raccoon/tanuki, the great graphics, and the calming music. All I can say is good job squidsquad and thank you for this amaziing game. I hope you will continue developing this as well as other awesome games! :)


Hey guys, just wanted to say this is one of my favorite games to play right now and I've been having an absolute blast.  I showed it to my buddy and we've been trying to outscore each other.  Thanks for the fantastic game!


This is a very fun game and I like the original mode's music, but I wish there was a way to add your own playlist into the game. Also if possible could this game be ported to Steam anytime soon?


Hey! Thank you for playing! Adding your own tracks would be super cool. We're currently building a complete game out of it. We want to bring it to Steam and the Nintendo Switch if we can!

Hey so the Discord link doesn't work

Try this:


i really love the games art style and music, idk if it was just me but i had difficulty getting my score past 1'000. Then again my rection time isnt too good


So interesting


nice game, nice graphics, love how the sun pulsates with the music.




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