Tanuki Sunset is a third-person longboard-skating game where players play as a raccoon skating downhill on a procedurally generated synthwave-themed seaside road.

Drift your way around the narrow corners, gather Tanuki Bits to fill up your Bonus Roulette Meter and try and gather as many points as you can.

Drift often. Get some air-time and avoid cars and obstacles while pushing your luck close to the walls and edges to get near-miss moments and tight-squeezes to maximize your score.

This game supports Xbox 360 controller input and Keyboard controls.

Controls - Xbox Controller

  • Left Stick Sideways - Movement
  • Left Stick Up - Speed Stance (Hold)
  • Left Stick Down - 180 Slide
  • A Button or RB Button - Drift
  • Start Button - Pause

Controls - Keyboard

  • 'A' and 'D' or 'Left' and 'Right' Keys - Movement
  • 'W' Key - Speed Stance (Hold)
  • 'S' Key - 180 Slide
  • Space  - Drift
  • Escape - Pause

If you like Tanuki Sunset and you would like us to keep working on it, adding the features that we want to put in the future, such as character customization, accessories, longboard decks or wheels, new game modes and other surprises, please considering supporting our work!

We are planning to release a full version of the game for the Nintendo Switch and Steam. Check out our announcement trailer here:

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This game is so good. I love it. I wish I could make such a great game. :)

The only thing I would change is the drifting mechanic. I would make it so that the angle of velocity doesn't change so much while drifting but changes after. I would also make the turning slower.

That great to hear because the full game that's coming out soon, feels more like what you're describing!

This game was amazing! The music, the controls, the movement, all of it was perfect! Thank you for creating such a cute and aesthetically pleasing game.

I'm coming for you Jim.

very good bro i like :)


Now this is radical!

(1 edit)

wow, never thaught id enjoy controlling a racoon on a skateboard so much but i guesss i do, great game and really well polished!

edit: did you make that soundtrack?

fucking unplayable on console, and freezes everytime you try and start the game

The game is not meant to be played on a console.  Try playing the game on a PC browser using mouse and keyboard or a gamepad :)

it goes perfect with switch joycons

does anyone know if there is a way to transfer the data on the browser to the downloadable game?


absolutely fabulous, right up there with shagster online


I love the overall aesthetic of the game! The controls are feel really nice too. 


this game is amazing and should get a grammy award(lol)


Honestly the soundtrack alone should sell this game. Loved every second of it! We loved it so much it became Blog entry #8 :) https://www.betacade.com/single-post/8-Tanuki-Sunset


i got it working on mobile with a bluetooth controller.

You could check out my video on this game if you like.




Why is being a raccoon on a skateboard so fun?


Not sure, but if you want, you could check out my video on this game. It's 3 posts below your post.


Absolutely incredible, I love it


You should check out my video below this post of yours.

I played this & kind of liked it.

I got stuck on the edge!   

How'd that happen?

:( I suck at games and I was so happy when I got a new tape but it doesn't save. I LOVED THAT COLOR SCHEME

love this game played it with my switch joy con

like the vaporwave aesthetic

uh how are you supposed to do sharp turns like what the fuck


Hold space.

please eat more KFC I beg of you I have children at home to force feed KFC to please.


ok boomers what your best  scroe


What is yalls high scores!? BE HONEST PLEASE!!!!

Mine is 99,372 :)




I have another poorly constructed suggestion! What about a seperate mode which generates the road in a much more exaggerated way, similarly to the amplified worlds in Minecraft. so the drops would be steep and noticeable, and more drift-required turns, that sort of thing,

i love this game

This is very fun

(1 edit)

i LOVE this game so much! i hope that you can get more music in the game, like a radio! thank you so much!

quick edit: my friend got the the electro swing stage, how do i get to that? is it a high score thing?

You switch moods by collecting the tapes :)

ahhh, got it. thank you!

Love it! however i did find that as drifting is so uncontrollable it is better to simply turn, which feels a lot less great. The atmosphere is amazing. Keep it up!

just tap the drift dont hold


Though I had trouble at first once I got the hang of it was enjoyable.

Cool game! I added some footage from it in my latest list video. The drifting is a little tricky and there are a lot of games on here like this, but the music and visuals really pop. Good job!

Love this game a lot and is so fun. Would love to stream this on twitch and was wondering if you would consider making an entry on giant bomb?


share high score mine is 19,568


Holy shit the music is amazing. Very good game

me bro gamer


Hello! I would really like to play this game but the visuals won't show up on my screen. I can hear the game and see the score but everything else is just a blank grey screen. I would appreciate it if you could help?

Really fun game! It's very addictive and has a nice and unique style to it. This should be on Steam.


anyone ever just not press the retry button to endlessly watch the raccoon fall into the void?


Fun game! Very nice graphics, very good feel of movement. The music is great. Leaves you wanting more. Have to continue playing to get a big score lol

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